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Below shows a executable statement: Successful attempt:

INSERT INTO Personnel_Assignment (DATE, testno, Hours) 
SELECT '21-OCT-2011', '12345', 
      WHEN Extract(day From(S.ENDTIME-S.STARTTIME) ) >= 1 
         THEN (Extract(Day From(S.ENDTIME-S.STARTTIME) ) * 24 
            + Extract(Hour From(S.ENDTIME-S.STARTTIME) ) )
      WHEN S.endtime IS NULL
         THEN NULL
         Extract(Hour From(S.ENDTIME-S.STARTTIME) ) )
      ||'hrs' End ||
      Extract(Minute From(S.ENDTIME-S.STARTTIME) ) || 'Min' As Hours 
FROM Schedule S`

Please note that the data type for endtime and start time is timestamp with timezone in this format:

Nls_Timestamp_Tz_Format='HH24:MI TZR'

Just a question that i would like to ask: My datatype for hours is varchar2 And if i wish to sum my hours in the end from the results above, would it be tedious in converting it into number?


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First of all, || Else doesn't make sense. The part after || has to be another expression to concatenate.

Secondly, you certainly can nest case expressions, but in your case you don't need to. A single case expression can have multiple when/then branches, in the form case when [condition_A] then [expression_if_A_is_true] when [condition_B] then [expression_if_A_is_false_and_B_is_true] else [expression_if_A_and_B_are_both_false] end.

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Ok i understood your second solution. But i don't understand your first solution given. Do you mean that i cannot put > || before else? –  JLearner Nov 18 '11 at 2:09
@user976050: You can't, because it doesn't make any sense. || comes between two expressions and concatenates their values into a single string; for example, 'a' || 'b' is equivalent to 'ab'. But an else ... clause isn't an expression. What is || supposed to concatenate in that case? –  ruakh Nov 18 '11 at 2:12
By the way, then || also doesn't make sense, for the same reason. –  ruakh Nov 18 '11 at 2:12
Oh ok. I have followed your method and make the changes but i have a missing keyword error. Is it due to my 'then null' ? i want it to be inserted null if s.endtime is null –  JLearner Nov 18 '11 at 2:15
@user976050: then null is fine. Why don't you edit your question, adding something like "UPDATE: My query now looks like this: ..."? Otherwise I (and others) would just have to guess at what the problem might be. –  ruakh Nov 18 '11 at 2:22

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