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I am putting together a new dev machine, Mac.

My old dev machine runs Netbeans 6.8. I have a file with a variable called enum. I get a warning saying :

enum is a keyword and can not be used as an identifier

I am using JDK 1.4.2 for this project.

My new machine another Mac, have installed Netbeans 7.0. Same nbproject, same file, I get an error instead of the warning and I can not find a way around this.

Anyone has any experience with this?

Thanks Reza

For what is worth, the source is

 // make sure eager jars are up-to-date
  for (Enumeration enum = entry.getDescriptor().getResources().eagerJars();          
              enum.hasMoreElements();) {
                Reference jarRef = (Reference) enum.nextElement();
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You have to rename that identifier. The enum is a keyword and enum type is introduce in Java 1.5.

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I understand that this fixes the problem, the project settings are equal, I am trying to find out why the one netbeans generates a warning and the new one generates an error. That is what I am asking –  reza Nov 18 '11 at 14:32

You are getting this error because the Java installed on your Mac may be version 1.5 or higher. This means the issue is not with the NetBeans IDE but it is because of the version of the Java Development Kit [JDK] which is installed on the system.

To make your program work out of the box without updating any code you have to follow the following steps;

  1. Right click on the project name in the Projects panel, and click the Properties option in the context menu. This will display the Project Properties dialog box with the Sources node in the Categories tree view selected.
  2. Keeping the Sources node selected, go to the Source/Binary Format combo box and ensure that JDK 1.4 is selected in that combo box, click the Ok button to save these settings.
  3. These settings will ensure that you can build the project with JDK 1.4 source compatibility and then the enum identifier will not be taken as keyword.

It is recommended to change the usage of enum word as identifier like local variable, to some other word like enum1, if you want to keep the source code compatible with the new JDK versions starting from JDK1.5 and onwards. The enum word has been added to the keywords in Java Language from JDK1.5 hence it will be reported as error when you compile your code with JDK1.5 source compatibility.

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I understand the fix and the reason for the error. What I am trying to understand is why one netbeans installation generates a warning for this and one generates an error. –  reza Nov 18 '11 at 14:34
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OK, so what I was NOT doing in the new version what I was not setting the project's setting for source/binary format to 1.4. It was defaulting to 1.6 even though I had set the Java platform to 1.4

Now the errors are turned into warnings.

Thanks all for the help.

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