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I'd like to have your opinion on the compatibility of using a part of MPL licensed source code in an app for AppStore or iPhone entreprise deployment.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5062869/how-should-i-begin-creating-an-open-source-iphone-app is one of the few articles that say something about it: it states that MPL should be ok.

Could anyone confirm it? Someone else has another point of view?

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First, standard disclaimers apply: I am not a lawyer, etc.

Are you wondering whether anyone has released an MPL app in the AppStore, or are you wondering if you can use MPL'd source code in your proprietary app?

Firefox Home is an MPL app.

It is pretty easy to use MPL'd source code in your propietary app. See the MPL FAQ. Basically, your responsibility is to keep the MPL rights on the code that uses MPL, but you can use whatever license you want for your code (as long as that license allows your code to be compiled along with MPL'd code).

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