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I'm trying to make a chrome extension, where I need to parse some JSON, and display it in the popup (for testing purposes, I will use it later). I can't even get that part to work. I've looked at the JS console, and the popup inspector, I don't see any errors. The problem will become a little clearer when you see the code:

The code in popup.html and manifest.json is here: jsFiddle

I should be seeing the output variable in the console, and in the HTML div, or see some errors when I inspect popup.html. I see none of those, so I don't understand whats going on at all. Does someone see why?

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You have


instead of


You should also declare variables before using them: for( var property in map ) instead of for( property in map )

jsfiddle is failing because you are calling functions that don't exist in web page context:

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Thanks for the answer. I fixed both of those issues, but I still get no output. – Ankit Soni Nov 18 '11 at 5:01

Chrome extension sandbox security policy prevent your execution of parseJSON (or in plain Javascript, eval).

I currently pass around this issue by using my own message format and parser...

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