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This is a homework. I'm not looking for answers, just a nudge into the right direction.

Given a list:

['The Boy','1:34','Let go','4:21','Wherever to', '5:30']

I want to be able to sort the list by pairs:

[['The Boy','1:34']['Let go','4:21']['Wherever to', '5:30']]
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Are you assured of having an even number of elements in the list? If not, what do you want to do with the odd one out? – Karl Knechtel Nov 18 '11 at 3:38
I'm assured that its going to be an even amount in the list. – HighAllegiant Nov 18 '11 at 3:44
This can be done very simply with built-in stuff in Python that is probably completely missing the point of what your teacher wants you to do... :) I would say that Python is a poor choice for such assignments, but I feel it's more accurate to say that such assignments are a poor choice for a real world that has languages like Python ;) – Karl Knechtel Nov 18 '11 at 3:48
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Difficult without knowing which parts of Python you have been taught so far, but here are some steps that may help

>>> ['The Boy','1:34','Let go','4:21','Wherever to', '5:30'][::2]
['The Boy', 'Let go', 'Wherever to']
>>> ['The Boy','1:34','Let go','4:21','Wherever to', '5:30'][1::2]
['1:34', '4:21', '5:30']
>>> zip(['The Boy', 'Let go', 'Wherever to'], ['1:34', '4:21', '5:30'])
[('The Boy', '1:34'), ('Let go', '4:21'), ('Wherever to', '5:30')]

You should use some variables instead of repeating the list over and over of course

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  • Start with an empty list for the result
  • Loop over a variable i starting from zero, going to the length of the input, counting by twos
  • Extract the i-th value and the value at i+1
  • Put them in a tuple
  • Add the tuple to the result list
  • Repeat

Actual code left for homework ;-)

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