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I am going to attempt develop a jQuery plugin and just wanted to get expert opinion on whether this is a good way to develop jQuery plugins. I've done a lot of searching and have found many ways on doing jQuery plugins. I am surprised that these isn't a standard approach as most plugins seem to all be used in the same way. I tried to follow a similar approach to the jQueryUI plugins whereby methods are called on elements by invoking $('selector').plugin('method1');

Any comments/critisms on my solution would be useful.

(function(plugin, $, undefined) {
    var instances = [];
    var defaultOptions = {
        exampleOpt1: 1,
        exampleOpt2: 2

    var pluginClass = function($element,options) {
        this.options = options;

    pluginClass.prototype.method1 = function() {

    pluginClass.prototype.method2 = function(param2) {
        console.log('Hello there '+param2);

    $.fn.plugin = function() {
        if ((arguments.length==0) || $.isPlainObject(arguments[0])) {
            var opts = $.extend({}, defaultOptions, arguments[0]||{});
            this.each(function(index, Element){
                if (typeof $(Element).data('instanceIndex') == 'undefined') {
                    instances.push(new pluginClass($(Element).data('instanceIndex',instances.length),opts));
                } else {
                    $.error('Attempting to initialise the element again.')
        } else {
            if (typeof pluginClass.prototype[arguments[0]] == 'undefined') {
                $.error('Method '+arguments[0]+'() not defined.');
            } else {
                var iArguments = arguments; //arguments disappears in each() callback
                    if (typeof $(Element).data('instanceIndex') != 'undefined') {
                    } else {
                        $.error('Cannot call method as element has not been initialised yet.');
        return this;
}(window.plugin = window.plugin || {}, jQuery ));
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It certainly seems a lot more complex than most plugins I have seen. Can you provide an explanation/justification for some of the complexity, perhaps? –  GregL Nov 18 '11 at 6:30

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