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I am trying to retrieve fields from a table in a SQLite database. I've verified that the data is in the table by using the sqlite3 command and running the query which I got out of the Cursor using the debugger against the database referenced inside my "database" object.

Here is my code:


Cursor cursor = database.query(DATABASE_TABLE,
            null, // All columns
            "((" + latitude + " - " + KEY_LAT + ") * (" + latitude + " - " + KEY_LAT + ") + ( "
                    + longitude + " - " + KEY_LONG + ") * ( " + longitude + " - "+ KEY_LONG + "))",


This code generates a SQL query such as:

SELECT * FROM airport ORDER BY ((35.9314068 - latitude) * (35.9314068 - latitude) + ( -115.09285366 - longitude) * ( -115.09285366 - longitude)) LIMIT 10

I only have 5 airports in the table right now, so I'm not going over some memory limit or anything like that.

When I run that query in sqlite3 I get the data back.

Why is my Cursor always empty? It's empty even if I set everything to null (which should just return everything..)

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giving more info would definitely help, can u paste a snippet of your codes at least we know which part is empty. u meant cursor.size() == 0? or cursor == null? etc. –  Jianhong Nov 18 '11 at 7:20
The cursor size was 0. –  Matthew Runo Nov 20 '11 at 2:36
here's my view: 1) if there's error, pls share the error log. 2) confirm that you query statement is runnable/returns result in sqlite itself. u can extract the .db file (root device) and open it in a sqlite browser. 3) make sure u really have data in the database, try doing a select * from airport limit 10 and see if your cursor.size() has changed. –  Jianhong Jan 3 '12 at 4:32

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make sure the column names u are giving is correct...

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If the column names were not correct would the SQL I copied from the cursor using the debugger run properly? –  Matthew Runo Nov 18 '11 at 6:38
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I was closing the database connection before reading the data out of the Cursor. Apparently you can't do that. Now I know!

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