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I am developing an application which consists of video-player.

  • I have got sample And it was working fine for me.
  • I have pasted the http:// link instead of rtsp link it's not working.

My problem is how to convert the http link to rtsp Link?

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I am not exact, neither i know if this will work, because I did not had much success, but there are certain solutions that can convert streams, go through following links, see if it helps.:


Can you recommend a solution to convert real time stream from pc camera to the format of rtp/rtsp?

RTSP to RTMP streaming


Any software that can inter convert various other stream formats , will be able to convert http to rtsp also.....

See if it helps.......

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sure thanks.... –  Nikhilreddy Gujjula Nov 18 '11 at 6:01

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