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I have a problem I been trying to solve but as to no avail, can anyone help me please

Here is the result i want

  1. I have a modal dialog already popup
  2. it has 2 button Ok and Cancel
  3. When i press Ok button, it should trigger another modal dialog.

Is that possible because when i click Ok button the timing is that it finish the process first since the second calling is part of the first dialog box it does not open the second modal.

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What is the first process you do in first dialog? I implemented several nested dialog as well. I am using $.ajax to do the processing of the first dialog, and then open the second dialog using the success method:

    $firstdialog.dialog("option", "buttons", {
            "Submit": function () {
                           url: '...',
                           type: 'POST',
                           data: { ... },
                           success: function (result) { $seconddialog.dialog('open'); }
            "Cancel": function () {


Hope this helped :)

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thank you Arif RH and ophelia it really helped me thank you –  user1053065 Nov 18 '11 at 8:05
Glad to help :) Just accept the answer that works for you :) –  shennyL Nov 18 '11 at 9:25

You may should try this jqModal. It can be implemented to create nested modal dialog.

There is a simple way to create nested dialog. You can use jQuery EasyUI messager. For example:

$.messager.confirm('Confirm','Are you sure you want to go to step 2?',function(r){  
  if (r){  
     // use nested dialog
     $.messager.confirm('Confirm','Are you sure you want to go to step 3?',function(r){  
         if (r){  
            $.messager.alert('Info','This is step 3!');  
         } else {  
            $.messager.alert('Warning','You finished step 2!');
  } else {  
     $.messager.alert('Warning','You finished step 1!');

Hope it could be your alternative way :-)

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