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Im trying to get text from text layers in a PSD file, under linux.

Now Im using:

egrep -a 'LayerText' file.psd

<photoshop:LayerText>免费获得宝贵资源! \ 工业现场过程仪表校准测试和维护诊断的必备工具 福禄克过程校准器,为工作在过程行业的技术工程师,自动化系统维护和仪表工程师,质量控制工程师,计量人员提供全面的工业校准测试和维护诊断工具:包括智能认证校准器,多功能信号校准器,压力校准器,温度校准器,环路校准器以及其他过程信号故障诊断和检测工具。FLUKE过程校准及检测工具,在化工、电力、石油、纸浆、食品饮料、制造业和污水处 理/给排水等行业的现场校准及检测维护方面处于世界领先水平。过程校准的全系列产品,从简单的回路校准器到复杂的文档化全功能过程校准器,可以提供各种必需的温度、压力、电流、电压以及电阻和频率的校准。来自福禄克750系列的校准管理软件,更是满足了用户 日益增长的对现场仪表校准数据进行归档整理的需求</photoshop:LayerText>

But using Photoshop the text layer has new lines after:


How can I parse and output the text separated by real newlines and not all in one single line.

Thanks in advance.

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It looks like your file does not contain a regular newline character but something else (looks like two spaces around a backslash).

If you want to separate the files using this (which looks like unusual) line separator, you can do that e.g. using sed(1).

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Yes I noticed that, is unusual, and after 工业现场过程仪表校准测试和维护诊断的必备工具 theres no space \ space –  José Pablo Orozco Marín Nov 18 '11 at 5:56

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