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Currently I have a link like follows:

<a href=/myweb/cgi-bin/my.cgi?name=B. anthracis>B. anthracis</a>

But instead of taking B. anthracis as input parameter, it takes B. instead. How can I modify the above HTML or CGI script to allow that?

And currently my CGI script looks like this:

use CGI;
my $cgi = CGI->new();
my $param = $cgi->param('name');
print "$param\n";
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You should URL encode the query string:

<a href="/myweb/cgi-bin/my.cgi?name=B.%20anthracis">B. anthracis</a>

And including the quotes on your attributes is strongly recommended.

You can use encodeURIComponent in JavaScript or uri_escape in Perl to encode each parameter name and value before building the query string.

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