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I am trying to create a dynamic proxy that would wrap an EJB around a web service because the application server does not support creating an EJB based web service without a proprietary router project generation.

My thought was to create a dynamic proxy, and some how just start it using an InitServlet. Right now I am kind of stuck on figuring out how to set the annotations dynamically so that I won't get the following error.

class $Proxy0 has neither @WebSerivce nor @WebServiceProvider annotation
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Recently I have had the same problem. It seems that most people say is not possible. See

If the interface that you have is:

interface XXXInterface{
    Result doStuff1(String param1)

then a workaround is to create a delegator to the proxy that will also implement the web service.

public class WebServiceDelegateToXXXServer implements XXXInterface{

   public WebServiceDelegateToXXXServer(XXXInterface actualImplementor){
       this.actualImplementor = actualImplementor;

   public Result doStuff1(String param1){
       return actualImplementor.doStuff1(param1);

Then you will publish

XXXInterface proxy = createProxyAsXXXInterface();
Endpoint.publish(url, new WebServiceDelegateToXXXServer(proxy));
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