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I'm trying to deploy an application on Azure but I'm facing some problems.

on my dev box, all works fine but I have a problem when I'm trying to use the application once it is deployed.

on the dev box, I have an action that I do manually wich crates the test tables in my local sql server express.

but I do not know how to create the tables on the server ? so when I run my website application, it says TableNotFound.

Can sy guide me through this final step ? do I need to make sg additional ?

Thx in advance

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The table storage client provides a method to create the schema in the cloud storage; I forget the name (will look it up in a second); call that when you initialise whatever you're using as your data service layer.

Edit: The following snippet is what I use:

StorageAccountInfo = StorageAccountInfo.GetDefaultTableStorageAccountFromConfiguration();
TableStorage.CreateTablesFromModel( typeof( <Context> ), info );

where <Context> is your data context object.

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perfect, thx you very much. I guess I've missed that part. thx you very much – GillouX May 3 '09 at 21:29

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