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BACKDROP: In openCV video processing, I have segmented foreground as n number of blobs.

Question: OpenCV 2.3 provides a class called GMM. How can I model a blob's pixels using a GMM. I am new to Gaussian mixture modelling. I can undestand its functions but i am not sure of the sequence of execution.

source http://opencv.sourcearchive.com/documentation/2.3.1-0exp1/classGMM-members.html http://opencv.sourcearchive.com/documentation/2.3.1-0/modules_2imgproc_2src_2grabcut_8cpp_source.html

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There is a good tutorial on OpenCV segmentation using graph cuts and gaussian mixture models here: http://www.morethantechnical.com/2010/05/05/bust-out-your-own-graphcut-based-image-segmentation-with-opencv-w-code/

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