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I have an array defined in my strings.xml file "names". I want the values in a local array in my program. how can i do this?

<string-array name="Names">

<item>  Adi </item>
<item>  John </item>
<item>  Adelaide    </item>
<item>  Alicante    </item>
</string-array name>

I want these values to be stored in a local array named item[]. Please help!

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Slightly modified from the docs:

Resources res = getResources();
String[] item = res.getStringArray(R.array.Names);
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thanks a lot dude.. it worked! It says u can accept an answer in 8 mins.. will do that in 8! :P –  Chandeep Nov 18 '11 at 7:27
    <string-array name="planets_array">

Resources res = getResources();
String[] planets = res.getStringArray(R.array.planets_array);
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