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I have a gnuplot histogram with errorbars. How can I hide the boxes so just the errorbars remain?

I can achieve this effect for a single data set using the plain errorbars style and hiding the marker at the center, but I would like to use the histogram style to show multiple series on the same plot.

My code currently looks like this:

set style data histograms
set style histogram errorbars lw 2

plot "mydata.dat" using $2:$3:xtic(1) title "Series1", \
               "" using $4:$5         title "Series2"

The following lines make the boxes too small to appear at typical zoom levels, but I'd prefer to explicitly disable them.

set boxwidth 0.00001
set style fill solid noborder
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I don't understand what the plain errorbars style is missing to fulfill your needs. Could you elaborate on I would like to use the histogram style to show multiple series on the same plot? Possibly with a sketch or link to an image? –  Woltan Nov 28 '11 at 9:05
For example, I could have three series of data, each sharing the same set of independent (x-axis) values. For each independent value, I'd like the three errors bars for the three series plotted side-by-side, centered over that spot on the x-axis. The errorbars should be color-coded by series, with the plot legend providing the series--color mapping. The code in the question produces the desired plot, except for the undesired boxes under the error bars. If the errorbars style can do this multiple-series plotting sans boxes, please show me how in an answer. I'll happily upvote and accept. –  David B. Nov 29 '11 at 3:03

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Don't do:

set style data histograms

Instead just do:

plot "mydata.dat" with errorbars

If this does not solve your question, can you point me to an image of a plot similar to what you are trying to achieve?

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