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I am making a site right now and I want to include the sidebar in every page. I have looked everywhere and everyone says to use the following code:

<!--#include virtual="insertthisfile.html" -->

I have done this but to no avail. I am using dreamweaver for easier uploading and managing of my files, and it shows up in dreamweaver. I would just use PHP but I dont want all of my pages to be PHP for just one code that can work in HTML..

Any ideas?

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  • Make sure the (including) file has a .shtml extension
  • Make sure server-side includes are enabled in the web server
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That isn't an "HTML" feature. It's Server-Side Includes. You need to make sure you have SSI active on your server and that it's set to apply to the file.

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Do you have any suggestions for including? – Chris Bier May 3 '09 at 20:28

This page has a lot of info on Server and Client side includes. It shows a couple of alternatives to the #include also.

Start by trying to rename the .html file to .shtml. Also, make sure server side includes are enabled on your server.

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Turns out server side includes are already active, once I changed the extension to .shtml it worked. Thanks. – Chris Bier May 3 '09 at 20:34

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