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ormlite-android-4.29, ormlite-core-4.29

I have a ForiegnCollection of PantryCheckLine objects like this in my PantryCheck class.

@ForeignCollectionField(eager = true, maxEagerForeignCollectionLevel = 1)
private ForeignCollection<PantryCheckLine> pantryCheckLines;

Let's say I had 3 PantryCheckLines objects and I deleted one. Then I want to delete the PantryCheck with combined PantryCheckLines of it. Everything seems working. But the size of the ForiegnCollectionis not correct.

deleting method as follows.

PantryCheckLineRepo pantryCheckLineRepo =
    new PantryCheckLineRepo(DaoFactory.getPantryCheckLineDaoInstance());
Collection<PantryCheckLine> pantryCheckLinesCollection =
Log.v("pantrychecklines size", pantryCheckLinesCollection.size());
Log.v("pantrychecklines", "deleted");

appreciate your help.

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I can't answer specifically because I'm not sure what the delete() method is doing. If you edit your question with more details about what Dao calls or ForeignCollection calls are being made, I can add details here.

The only way the collection size would be affected is if you used the remove(Object) method on the collection itself. If you used the Dao to delete the item behind the scenes then the collection would not know that the delete happened and its eager fetched internal list size would not be affected. The lazy collections (eager = false) always go to the database so either remove(Object) or dao.delete(Object) would work.

Hope this helps.

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Really appreciate your thoughts, but I got to work this in a different way. The above problem occurred because the ForeignCollection was not regenerated/refreshed. –  Rakhita Dec 9 '11 at 6:41

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