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in the codebase i'm maintaining there is an old interface. Let's call it IFoo. It pretty much became obsolete and replaced with the Interface INewFoo with a change a few weeks ago, but for backwards-compatibility purposes, i wrote a wrapper class which implements INewFoo and takes an IFoo in the constructor.

To clarify, consider the following code.

    Public Interface IFoo
      Sub DoStuff()
    End Interface

    Public Interface INewFoo
      Sub DoPrettyMuchTheSameStuff()
    End Interface

    Public Class FooToNewFooWrapper
      Implements INewFoo

      Private _foo As IFoo
      Public Sub New(foo As IFoo)
        _foo = foo
      End Sub

      Public Sub DoPrettyMuchTheSameStuff() Implements INewFoo.DoPrettyMuchTheSameStuff
      End Sub
    End Class

For both interfaces, the implementations are loaded by scanning a few assemblies with StructureMap.

Now, let's get to the bad things. Most implementations for the old interface were put into forms for reason i can neither understand nor change. Because those tend to be displayed and disposed, i have to create a new instance every time i use ObjectFactory.GetAllInstances(Of IFoo). Thats still no problem, but i'd like to register a INewFoo-Wrapper for each registered implementation of IFoo, so that i can just use ObjectFactory.GetAllInstances(of INewFoo) and get all implementations of IFoo AND INewFoo.

I can't iterate through the implementations of IFoo and register a wrapper for each one because as far as i can see, you can just register those with instances.

Wrong code below:

                                          For Each ass In assemblies
                                          scan.AddAllTypesOf(Of IFoo)()
                                        End Sub)
                          End Sub)

Dim oldImplementations = ObjectFactory.GetAllInstances(Of IFoo)()

                            For Each implementation In oldImplementations
                              Dim notIterated = implementation
                              config.For(Of INewFoo).Add(Function(x) New FooToNewFooWrapper(notIterated))
                          End Sub)

My question is: Is it possible to register a wrapper for each implementation of IFoo which always creates a new instance of the implementation before creating a new instance of the wrapper?

Answers in C# and Vb.net are equally welcome.

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Have you tried implementing a custom registration convention to carry out your specific requirement? Custom registration conventions allow very flexible scanning and registering

public class MyRegistration : IRegistrationConvention
/// <inheritdoc />
    public void Process(Type type, Registry registry)

        Type interfaceType = type.GetInterface(typeof(IFoo).Name);
        if (interfaceType == null)

        registry.AddType(interfaceType, type, type.Name);

        // Do your stuff with INewFoo


Configure structure map to use your scanner:

ObjectFactory.Configure(item =>
                    x =>
                        x.With(new MyRegistration());
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It took a little longer for me to try it out, but with a few workarounds, i managed to make it happen. –  Lambda Dec 1 '11 at 8:42

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