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I am trying to automate web based application (asp.net) through selenium web driver.

Web application has login page and once I log in, I need to click on a button that opens a new window and then perform operations on this new window. So far, my code is able to login and click the button. Two problems here:

  • instead of opening desired window on click, it opens the login page
  • this login page is opened in the same window, not new one

I have used below statement to switch to new window:

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Have you tried to use the window handle?

Get the window handles

ReadOnlyCollection<string> handles = webDriver.getWindowHandles();
String myWindowHandle = handles.LastOrDefault();

And use the last one in the swtichTo statement

webDriver.switchTo().window(myWindowHandle );
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Thanks for your reply.Now the code is working as expected. –  Ozone Dec 15 '11 at 4:39

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