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I wanna check a string nullable value. But its not work? Plz, someone show me how?

<%= LDC.Helpers.DataHelper.GetLabel(LDC.Helpers.DataHelper.getTypeMaxGrossWU(), (int)item.MGW_unit) != null ? LDC.Helpers.DataHelper.GetLabel(LDC.Helpers.DataHelper.getTypeMaxGrossWU(), (int)item.MGW_unit): "" %> 
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your exemple it's not razor but web form engine –  Thomas Jaskula Nov 18 '11 at 10:00

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Assuming GetLabel returns null your code should work, so it appears it does not return null. Check the function's return type to see what equality check you should use.

Also, it's worth saying that this kind of logic should be put into a ViewModel. Putting it into your view is dangerously close to having spaghetti code.

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Thanks, i think coz the 'spaghetti code' :D , i've changed it to ==null but it's not work too, then i check it in database. Anyway, thanks! –  Sunshine jp Nov 24 '11 at 9:14

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