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I have active Server A and standby Server B and B is replicating data from Server A.

I'm using SQL Server 2005 enterprise edition.

When Server A is failed, the application server is programmed to route traffic to Server B.

Then Server B becomes active server and Server A becomes standby server.

To turn Server A to be active server, the data modification when Server A failed in Server B needs to replicate back to Server A.

I don't want to over load in active server.

I'm thinking to use pull transactional replication method for replication.

But I want to know what is the best method for doing above operations because this is the first time doing this operation for me.

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THis is probably better suited to be asked on Serverfault.com or dba.stackexchange.com since it's really more of a sysadmin/DBA question - not really programming-related –  marc_s Nov 18 '11 at 9:14

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Have you considered utilizing database mirroring instead?

Of course... you'll end up needing a witness server, but unlike replication, there is less work for everyone. No scripts are needed to make sure that the previously failed server has the most updated data.

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