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Is there any library or pre-written code to remove css attributes from HTML code.

The requirement is, the Java code has to parse through the input html document, and remove the css attributes and produce the output html document.

For example if the input html document has this element,

      <p class="abc" style="xyz" > some text </p>

the output should be

      <p > some text </p>
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Use jsoup and NodeTraversor to remove class and style attributes from all elements

Document doc = Jsoup.parse(input);

NodeTraversor traversor  = new NodeTraversor(new NodeVisitor() {

  public void tail(Node node, int depth) {
    if (node instanceof Element) {
        Element e = (Element) node;

  public void head(Node node, int depth) {        

String modifiedHtml = doc.toString();
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Jsoup is amazing. – Dan The Lion Jun 2 '15 at 12:31

You could use Cyberneko to parse the document and add a simple filter that looks something like this:

public class RemoveStyleFilter
    extends DefaultFilter
  public void startElement(QName element, XMLAttributes attributes, Augmentations augs)
    throws XNIException
    for (String forbidden : new String[] {"class", "style"})
      int index = attributes.getIndex(forbidden);
      if (index >= 0)
    super.startElement(element, attributes, augs);
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