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I'm writing an script in Python to automatically update the structures in my Liferay portal and I want to do it via the json REST API.

I make a request to get an structure (method getStructure), and it worked.

But when I try to do an structure update in the portal it shows me the following error:

ValueError: Content-Length should be specified for iterable data  
of type class 'dict' {'serviceContext': "{'prueba'}", 'serviceClassName':
'com.liferay.portlet.journal.service.JournalStructureServiceUtil', 'name': 'FOO',
'xsd': '... THE XSD OBTAINED VIA JSON ...', 'serviceParameters':
'description': 'FOO Structure', 'serviceMethodName': 'updateStructure',
'groupId': '10133'}

What I'm doing is the next:

urllib.request.Request(url = URL, data = data_update, headers = headers)

URL is http://localhost:8080/tunnel-web/secure/json
The headers are configured with basic authentication (it works, it is tested with the getStructure method).
Data is:

data_update = {
"serviceClassName" : "com.liferay.portlet.journal.service.JournalStructureServiceUtil",
"serviceMethodName" : "updateStructure",
"serviceParameters" : "[groupId,structureId,parentStructureId,name,description,xsd,serviceContext]",
"groupId" : 10133,
"name" : FOO,
"description" : FOO Structure,
"xsd" : ... THE XSD OBTAINED VIA JSON ...,
"serviceContext" : "{}" }

Does anybody know the solution? Have I to specify the length for the dictionary and how? Or this is a bug?

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This might help you. It seems it is python's bug.

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That's true, I tried it with Python 2.7 and it makes the request. – r.rodriguez Nov 21 '11 at 12:53

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