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is it possible to mirror directory with htaccess?

For example:

/folder1 <= is empty
/folder2/blah/blah <= here is content

I want folder1 to display folder2 contents. So that when you go to folder1/ you can navigate to folder1/blah/blah/files

is this possible?

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Alias can do this, although folder1 shouldn't exist for it to work:

Alias /folder1 /folder2/blah/blah
  • In .htaccess files, you can only Alias to a directory inside the web root.

  • It doesn't always work in .htaccess files, depending on the server configuration.

  • In the central configuration, you may have to use an absolute path as the Alias target.

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Hi, Where do I have to add the Alias? do I need to restart Apache or server after that? I have the mod installed on the server. – mediaroot Nov 12 '14 at 10:20

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