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Help, I am a noob, just need some advice on this bit of code. I have got most of my program working this part has me stuped i want to get a name and password. Then make the name the key and the password the value. Now it must be user defined.. Then I must be able to pull that hash info again. I thought that return would work... here is my code

  def login_prompt
  vault = {}
     puts "WELCOME! please enter an existing username: "
     username = gets.chomp
     checkname = Noxread.new
     comparename = checkname.read_file
     if comparename == true
       puts "please enter your password: "
       password = gets.chomp
       vault[username]= password
       else puts "username already exists!! would you like to retry? (y/n)"
       case answer
     when /^y/
     when /^n/

so that should gather the info. and this is my code to merge that and an hash that i pulled from a file. in a NoxRead class

require_relative 'read' require 'csv'

 class Noxwrite
  attr_accessor :name :password  

  def initialize  
    @name = name 
    @password = password

  def upsum

    x = Noxread.new
    y = x.read_file
    z = login_prompt
    y.merge(z) {|name, password| name + ',' + password}
    return y


    def write_file

    ehash = upsum
    CSV.open("data.csv", "wb") do |csv|
    csv << ehash


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Without actually running your code, it looks like login_prompt should return your hash. Is that what you intend? If so, what problem are you having? Are you trying to figure out the syntax for pulling out all the key-value pairs from the hash? –  daxelrod Nov 18 '11 at 10:23
Also, I tagged your question ruby, because this code looks like Ruby to me. Feel free to fix that if I got it wrong. You should tag your questions with the language or technology you're using so that people familiar with that language or technology will see your questions. –  daxelrod Nov 18 '11 at 10:24
I do not understand your problem. Although this code could be improved a bit, it should work as described. It returns a hash with the name as the only key and the password as the corresponding value. –  undur_gongor Nov 18 '11 at 10:28
cool thanks yeah it is ruby. sorry i am new to this web page aswell :) i just appended my code let me update it quick.. –  TheLegend Nov 18 '11 at 10:29

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What is the problem with this code. Seems fine, apart from the fact that passwords should not be read like this in open text.

When you write something like

user_hash = login_prompt

user_hash will have the hash as desired


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