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I have a MapActivity subclass and I want to preserve the stack, but I can't keep multiple instances of a MapActivity in the same process. So I have come up with 2 schemes to achieve this:

  1. Pass the state of the MapActivity along with any intents it fires and then let the activities that get switched to reconstruct the MapActivity by sending an intent that recreates the activity. Additionally, the MapActivity would be set so that intents only ever create a single instance of this activity at a time. This approach is flawed as there are multiple exit paths from this activity so all of them would need to be changed to support this.
  2. Replace the MapActivity with a mock activity that does the recreation of the activity in it's onResume() method or something and then the activities you switch to can remain blissfully unaware of this issue. The problem with this approach is I am unaware about how I should go about creating this mock activity and also fire an intent to start the activity I want to switch to.

So my question is this is there a better way to do this and, if not, how would I go about doing option 2, if it is possible?

EDIT: One possible way to do option 2 is to make the mock activity a waypoint that starts the target activity for you in it's onCreate(). But then one just has to be careful that if the onCreate() gets called again because the activity is being reconstructed, that one doesn't start the target activity again. This can be done by checking that savedInstanceState is null.

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You should use SingleInstance attribute in the manifest file, this will bring the earlier launched instance to the top of the backstack

<activity android:launchMode="singleInstance"/>
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Yes I am planning on doing this, but what I want to do is preserve the back stack. So if A is the map and B is another activity and the user navigates A->B->A->B->A. I want it to appear to the user that the back stack is ABABA. But I want to achieve this without actually having multiple instances of A. This is the hard part. –  JPvdMerwe Nov 18 '11 at 10:44

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