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We have a legacy facebook application based on FBML. Till 2 days ago the application was running successfully. Suddenly the application stopped running.

Our application's settings was set to FBML, however when I switch to iframe I can see my app but in a non working state. It was working fine with the FBML settings

I want to run the application for a months period based on FBML. So that within this period we can switchover to iFrame.

I understand that FBML will become unsupported post Jan 1, but I still should have a month right!

Any ideas anybody?

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My FBML app stopped working around this day too. The problem is that they switched to the new auth system, where instead of sending the fb_sig HTTP parameters to identify the user and verify that the request came from Facebook, they now send one single parameter called signed_request. Which language/library are you using to interface with Facebook? See for more details on this new signed_request parameter.

Regarding FBML. FBML apps should still work until June 1, 2012. On January 1 they just won't allow new apps to be FBML.

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