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I use vim for programming. my current job based on Yii MVC framework.

When you work with MVC framework, you are always navigating among models, controllers and views. I want to make save time navigation for my tasks.

The first is: i want jump to a model related controller. One model could have one controller for jumping to. Which i want to setup once in a project.

What is the best solution for this ?

My opinion is create a comment in a model header like phpDoc

* @controller ControllerName

And then write a vim function, which will find "ControllerName" in current file and open this file. Then bind it to a key combination.

What is your idea to implement it?


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This functionality is known as tag navigation. Chances are that your fileformat is already supported by the omnipresent exuberant ctags (guessing it is php, for sure).

Then you'd basically do:

:!ctags -R .
:tj ControllerName

You can use tab-completion (Control + Tab), do searches (:tj /troll + Tab)

Ctags has numerous options to enrich/limit the kinds of objects tagged. To selectively act on certain files only:

:tags +=controllertags
:!ctags -o controllertags **/*Controller.php

which will tag only controller sources in a separate tags file so you can keep working with the rest of your tags setup as before (in case you were already using it for other stuff)

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you right, i can to fast jumping to a any tag with ctags, but now i have at least 20 controllers and it's alot of keys for typing (eveng with tab completition) when im juping. Therefore i want to describe a model-controller relation once, and then just pressing a one key combination,i will jump to my defined controller. –  RusAlex Nov 18 '11 at 10:51
you could find some inspiration in the implementation of the 'standard' alternate script (a.vim) –  sehe Nov 18 '11 at 10:52
for controllertags solution, how can i search tags only under controller tags ? –  RusAlex Nov 18 '11 at 11:20
@RusAlex: you can't directly. However, you can define a function that saves the value of tags, sets tags=controllertags, executes the tag search, and restores the tags setting. Then map a command/key to call the function –  sehe Nov 18 '11 at 12:37

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