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I am exporting data from my WPF application to Excel successfully. In that Excel sheet I am filtering two columns at "AM" and "AL" . When I am going to reload the excel sheet the new filter values are conflicted with old filtered values.

I want to clear that two columns autofilter values. So can anybody give some suggestion about this problem and let me know how shall I proceed for this problem or send me some sample code for clear Autofilters for specific columns in Excel.

Here MyCode is

if (_taskPaneViewModel.TTLrecQtySelectionStart == _taskPaneViewModel.TTLrecQtyMinimum )
    range.AutoFilter(TTLrecQtyColumnNumber, Type.Missing, XlAutoFilterOperator.xlAnd,        Type.Missing, true);

Now I want to clear this autofilter in this range. Can ANYONE tell me the solution of this problem? It's breaking my head.

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@Juliuze: Thanks for your reply. but there is no property name like AutoFilterMode available in range of values –  ramakrishnan chendooran Nov 18 '11 at 11:44

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range.WorkSheet.AutoFilterMode = false;

Put the above statement before setting the filter using new columns.
Does that help?

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