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In Rails as I switch (enable / disable / loading / unloading) between plugins through routes at runtime?

For loading a especific plugin i use in the file "config/application.rb":

module MyApp
    class Application < Rails::Application

        #when starting the server
        #the application only loads the plugin "default_app"

        config.plugins = [:default_app]


But I need to load other plugins at runtime, for example, a plugin ":x" and a ":y" and be able to switch between plugins as follows:

#execute before every request
ActionDispatch::Callbacks.before do

    #making a request to: localhost:3000/load_plugin/x/:controller/:action
    #should load:

    MyApp.Application.config.plugins = [:default_app,:x]

    #making a request to: localhost:3000/load_plugin/y/:controller/:action
    #should load:

    MyApp.Application.config.plugins = [:default_app,:y]


Any idea how I should do this?


I cannot do this in startup, because the plugins must have the following structure:

  • vendor/plugins/x/app/controllers/a_controller.rb
  • vendor/plugins/y/app/controllers/a_controller.rb
  • (many others)

each file must replace the other in accordance with the request. this should be true too, for models and views and anothers files like the assets folder

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What is your intention to do this? Why can't you load both plug-ins at startup? –  arnep Nov 18 '11 at 12:48
No, because the :x plugin and :y plugin, have common controllers/models/views, they must be overrided between requests. –  Diego Rocha Nov 18 '11 at 13:14

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Not a good answer, but have you tried mucking around with ActiveSupport::Dependencies.autoload_once_paths?

This is the variable that tells Rails what files to reload. As expected, its purpose is for development (change a file and see the change without having to restart the server) and, AFAIK, it's not meant to be used in production (reloading code on every request seems like a good shot in the foot). However, it seems to be exactly what you're looking for.

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