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I have an action in my controller which does something only if the request is an XmlHttpRequest, like this:

function myAction() {
    if( $this->request->is('ajax') ) {

What would a TestCase for this action look like? Is there a way to mock up the CakeRequest instance to appear as an Ajax request?

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I don't know if it is a good way or not, but adding


at the top of the test method will do the job. In this case we send data as Ajax so not need to check any more.

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Apparently this is the accepted way to do this. The $_SERVER variable is reset before each test so should not bleed into other tests or the test runner itself (source) – contrebis Apr 22 '12 at 19:31

we use a trick to solve ajax unit test for cake2.0

as cake supoprts .json extention, we create a function in AppModel to cheat ajax call. like

public function isAjax() {
    return $this->request->isAjax() || $this->request->ext == 'json';

Then in controller, instead of calling $this->request->isAjax(), $this->isAjax() is used.

When testing action with ajax call, we simply add suffix .json to the action call, For example,


This might not be the ultimate solution for ajax call test, but could be a workaround

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