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I need to replace all double quotes to single quotes using mysql query.

How can I do that. My sql should be in double quotes.

mysql="select replace(text,'\"',''') from mytable"

throwing error. How can I escape that single quotes inside query?

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Try this one

 $mysql="select replace(text,'\"',\"'\") from mytable";

Then the query will become

select replace(text,'"',"'") from mytable

at the Mysql end.

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You need to escape the single quote ' too (see table 8.1):

mysql="select replace(text,'\"','\\'') from mytable"

Thus, the string sent to MySQL will read:

select replace(text,'"','\'') from mytable
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I also recommend replacing them inside your database: UPDATE tableName SET ColumnName = REPLACE( ColumnName ,'"',"'"); or UPDATE tableName SET ColumnName = REPLACE( ColumnName ,'\"','\\''); – KarlosFontana Aug 5 '14 at 12:12

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