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I have a jQuery listview and the following code to change it into an accordion. Within the <li> I have a div with the class "ui-li-accordion" which hides the content and then reveals with a click.

The problem I am having is that I want to put drop-downs in the div but when I click the drop-down the div slides back up again.

What I need is if anywhere in the div is clicked no slide action is taken. Only outside of that.

            * jQuery Mobile Framework : listview accordion extension
            * Copyright (c) Boris Smus, Christopher Liu
            * Note: Code is in draft form and is subject to change
            (function($, undefined ) {

            $( "[data-role='listview']" ).live( "listviewcreate", function() {
            var list = $( this ),
            listview = list.data( "listview" );

              var accordionExpandOne = function(accordion) {
            // Close all other accordion flaps
            // Open this flap
              var accordionDecorator = function() {
               list.find('.ui-li-accordion').each(function(index, accordion) {
               // Format the accordion accordingly:
               // <li>...normal stuff in a jQM li
               // <div class="ui-li-accordion">...contents of this</div>
               // </li>
               // If we find an accordion element, make the li action be to open the accordion element
                  // console.log('accordion found ' + accordion);
               // Get the li
               var $accordion = $(accordion);
               $li = $accordion.closest('li');
               // Move the contents of the accordion element to the end of the <li>
               // Unbind all click events
               // Remove all a elements
               // Bind click handler to show the accordion
               $li.bind('click', function() {
               var $accordion = $(this).find('.ui-li-accordion');
               // Check that the current flap isn't already open
               if ($accordion.hasClass('ui-li-accordion-open')) {
               // If not, clear old classes
            var accordionExpandInitial = function() {
            //Expand anything already marked with -open.


            // Make sure that the decorator gets called on listview refresh too
              var orig = listview.refresh;
              listview.refresh = function() {
                orig.apply(listview, arguments[0]);

            })( jQuery );
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How about using event.stopPropagation(); in an event handler for the select menus:

$('#container-element').find('select').bind('click', function (event) {


Prevents the event from bubbling up the DOM tree, preventing any parent handlers from being notified of the event.

Here the documentation for event.stopPropagation(): http://api.jquery.com/event.stopPropagation/

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