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I have been using the following formula in excel:


This ultimately tells me that, look in column A and match cell B1, and look in column C and match cell D1, then return the date in column Z.

This works fine, but after 4000 rows and 100 columns wide, it take 20min to save the document.

How can I put this code - or something similar - into VBA. Excel formulas are not a problem, but I'm a severe newbie with VBA. This code will be on 1 sheet in 1 workbook, but look up data is on another workbook.

Column A and cell B1 will be text, column C and cell D1 will be numbers, column Z are dates.

Appreciate any and all help on this.

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can you copy-paste some formula to values? that will probably lower the saving time –  JMax Nov 18 '11 at 14:26

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How about an Index/Match array formula? It would be something like


This will return the corresponding value in column Z where the value in column A matches B1 and the value in column C matches D1.

This is an array formula and must be committed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

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