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Eclipse Indigo Service Release 2 fails to parse <boost/type_traits/is_base_of.hpp> header of Boost library and thus reports boost::is_base_of as undefined. In particular this disables macro expansion that uses this class.

Here is code sample that demonstrates this problem (source code):

enter image description here

Eclipse complains on line DECLARE_TYPE(Foo, Bar) with error Symbol 'is_base_of' could not be resolved. Boost include path is added to the project include paths and Eclipse does not complain about it. Eclipse doesn't complain on any line in boost/type_traits/is_base_of.hpp.

How to make Eclipse expand the macro?

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Related bug report: – Sergiy Byelozyorov Mar 5 '12 at 7:09
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As discussed in this is a bug, but latest nightly build and Juno milestone have it fixed. The problem is that current release of Eclipse doesn't support conditional includes which are used in boost/type_traits/is_base_of.hpp.

Thus when using the latest build or Juno milestone -- macro is correctly expanded.

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