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I'm using NUnit in a .NET 3.5 C# app. I'm using NUnit's Collection Constraint to assert if an IEnumerable is sorted by a paramter.

It doesn't seem to be working for me, as I'm getting an exception indicating that my actual value isn't an IEnumreable. allEntities is a List<T> which implements IEnumerable<T> . I believe that NUnit is looking for an IEnumerable, not an IEnumerable<T>, but IEnumerable<T> implements IEnumerable. Is this an issue of co / contra variance?

Assert.That(allEntities, Is.All.Ordered.By("CreationDate"));


System.ArgumentException : The actual value must be an IEnumerable
Parameter name: actual

Also, is there some way I can express the sort property using a Lambda? Using a literal string for the property makes it brittle.

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There is no need for the All, try:

Assert.That(allEntities, Is.Ordered.By("CreationDate"));
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I'll give you the check so it doesn't look like I put up a question just to answer it myself :) –  Stealth Rabbi Nov 18 '11 at 13:53
Thx, but you were faster with 15 sec :). +1 to your more complete answer. –  nemesv Nov 18 '11 at 14:12

I was using the All contstraint, but that is used to make assertions on each item in the list, i.e.

// checks that for each T in myList, that it is greater than 5
Assert.That(myList, Is.All.GreaterThan(5));

From NUnit: "Applies a constraint to each item in a collection, succeeding only if all of them succeed."

I want to test a property of the list itself, so I want:

// checks that the list itself is ordered by the property CreationDate
Assert.That(allEntities, Is.Ordered.By("CreationDate"));

Hopefully someone else will find this question / answer useful in the future.

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