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I have a website with friendly urls.

I want all url´s that end with .htm, .gif, .jpg, .css, .js be served directly by the Apache web server and the rest passed on to Tomcat.

examples of dynamic url´s that should be forwarded to Tomcat:


examples of static url´s on the same site that should be served by Apache:


Using the jk_module I figured out how to configure JkMount to forward extensions like .jsp to Tomcat... however what I am looking for is a not operator in the url so that I can specify something like: if url not ending with .htm or .gif or .jpg or .css or .js then forward to Tomcat.

Any ideas as to how I can do this?

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Here's an example from the mod_jk documentation:

# All requests go to worker1 by default
JkMount /* worker1
# Serve html, jpg and gif using httpd
JkUnMount /*.html worker1
JkUnMount /*.jpg  worker1
JkUnMount /*.gif  worker1

You can easily generalize it to your needs.

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Thanks so much. It is great when answers are simple like this one. You have no idea how much this information helps me. –  Kishnan May 4 '09 at 2:02

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