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I am facing one issue because of URL encoding in function when used under href attribute of link.

Basically I am trying to open a generic popup in my site using function.This popup page accept target page url which will be rendered inside the frame present on popup.aspx

But because of url encoding url parmater which I am passing getting truncated in popup.aspx.cs page.

The same works correctly when directly called from JavaScript function. But failing when embedded in Href attribute.

Below is the Code
Note: input url paramter is a proper decoded url using standard decoding function.

<a href="javascript:void'Popup.aspx?url=%2FB2B%2FDEV%2FSHARE%2FGRID%2FXML_GRID_PAGE.ASP%3FGRIDTYPE%3D2%26SID%3D33172D0A-565A-43D7-8D50-5C223B6E8C24%26CAID%3D0%26ViewID%3DPATIENTPROFILE%26InstanceID%3D375660844%C3%BF14542276%C3%BF3%C3%BFSTANDARD','','scrollbars=yes,menubar=yes,resizable=yes,left=30,top=30,height=500,width=650')"> link</a>

My assumption is when embedded inside the href then somehow its get decoded and then passed to target popup page.

Sample url seen in browser.ÿ14542276ÿ3ÿSTANDARD

when same called through javascript below is the url observed in browser


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Why have you encoded the space between void and to %20? That bit is javascript, not part of the passed in URL. – Oded Nov 18 '11 at 15:14
removed %20 from java script copying mistake – Sachin Nov 18 '11 at 15:24
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================================================================================ I Solved this problem, very simple fix.Initially I have encoded input url only once using encodeURIComponent function. But in my case decoding happens twice first in href attribute and second time on target dotnet page. So to solve this issue I have encoded input url parameter twice and this solved my problem.

Sample Url after encoded twice using function encodeURIComponent

<a href="javascript:void'Popup.aspx?url=%252FB2B%252FDEV%252FSHARE%252FGRID%252FXML_GRID_PAGE.ASP%253FGRIDTYPE%253D2%2526SID%253D33172D0A-565A-43D7-8D50-5C223B6E8C24%2526CAID%253D0%2526ViewID%253DPATIENTPROFILE%2526InstanceID%253D375660844%25C3%25BF14542276%25C3%25BF3%25C3%25BFSTANDARD','','scrollbars=yes,menubar=yes,resizable=yes,left=30,top=30,height=500,width=650')"> link2</a>

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Thank you so much Sachin! This answer saved the day after hours of work. Java Windows.Open in SSRS was also mysteriously decoding the url for no good reason which stopped the query parameters from working. Double encoding was the perfect answer!! – Joe Colorado Oct 21 '15 at 5:38

It seems that when you generate URL you have to decode it before.

Take a look here

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