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A related example:

table activity
activity id | title
1             a
2             a2
3             b
4             b2

table people
id | parent id | activity id | active

Grab all the people who:

  • is in a specific activity without a parent
  • is in a specific activity who's parent is not in the same activity + not in the same related activity (ie: a, a2)

So far I have something less than ideal:

SELECT p.pid FROM people p
left join activity a
on p.activityid = a.activityid
where p.active = 1
and a.title = 'a'
and EXISTS (
    SELECT p1.pid from people p1
    left join activity a1
    on p1.activityid = a1.activityid
    where p.parentid = p1.id
    and a1.activityid != p.activityid
    or p.parentid = 0

This doesn't account for parentids not 'a2' or 'b2' etc.. The thing is I have the target activity id I want, but not the related activity, so I figured I'd somehow use the title instead?

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You don't need a outer join. The not exixts clause will filer out someone without parents.

SELECT p.pid 
FROM people p,  activity a 
WHERE p.activityid = a.activityid 
AND p.active = 1 AND a.title = 'a' 
( SELECT 1 FROM people pp, activity pa
  WHERE p.parentid = pp.id AND pp.activityid = pa.activityid
  AND pa.title NOT LIKE a.title||'%'
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Thanks! I was able to get this to work with what I had to do. Ended up adding an IN clause to the inner select. BTW, SQL didn't like the || '%'. Much faster than my previous attempt :) –  user1054131 Nov 18 '11 at 17:12
If you are on SQL Server use + for string concatation instead of ||. The Later is for Oracle. –  Raihan Nov 18 '11 at 17:18

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