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After my rootViewController, there is a workflow that would go like this

viewController1 -> push viewController2 -> push viewController3 -> ***** viewController2

I would like to popToViewController3. However, I need to go to viewController1 first because viewController1 basically determines which instance of viewController2 to push. So I

// pseudo code
[popToViewController:vc1 animated:NO];
[self.navigationController pushViewController2 animated:YES];

I basically pop before pushing so I don't end up getting vc2, vc3, vc2, vc3, vc2 etc. But in doing this, since it animates the push of the last viewController, it gives the user the impression that a new viewController was pushed onto the stack, vs popping to the previous viewController. Is there a way to get around this ? If I animate the pop and not the last push, I do not get the correct viewController I want on top by the looks of it. Thanks.

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You can retrieve (viewControllers), modify, and "reinstall" (setViewControllers) the list of view controllers managed by the navigation controller, and the "reinstall" can (in theory) be animated. (However, I had some problems with animation in practice, though I don't recall the details.)

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@interface UINavigationController (PushThenPop)

@implementation UINavigationController (PushThenPop)
    NSMutableArray *viewControllers = self.viewControllers.mutableCopy;

    // Pop viewcontrollers until we reach the rootViewController
    while(viewControllers.count >= 1) {
        id last = [viewControllers lastObject];
        if (last == rootViewController) break;
        [viewControllers removeLastObject];

    // Bail out the array is empty. We expect the array to contain at least 1 element, the rootViewController.
    if (!viewControllers.count) {

    // Push the new view controller
    [viewControllers addObject:pushViewController];
    self.viewControllers = viewControllers.copy;
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can you use something like

[self.navigationController setViewControllers:[NSArray arrayWithObject:yourViewController] 

you can fill the array with the view controllers you want on the stack.

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