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I've been desperately searching for a Javascript MVC framework to create rich client side applications with a Rails backend and I come across junction framework. It highly appeals to me due to its similarity with rails and offline capabilities. but unfortunately it has not been actively maintained for a long time.

I just wanted to know if the project still alive or I should look where else for a viable solution.

I know about sproutecore and cappuccino and I'm taking a close eye on them and their development process. But I'm really reluctant to learn something like a new language for this manner. In fact cappuccino using objectiveJ which is literally a new language running inside javascript.

IMHO, the killer framework would be something similar to Rails in structure, (as rails has already proved itself as a de facto structure for frameworks and has been ported to a lot of other frameworks) and uses jQuery to work with the dom and perform ajax calls. I still couldn't find it.

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Hrm.... Rails killer framework.... – altCognito May 4 '09 at 2:01
Another similar framework: - Highly compatible with jQuery – system PAUSE May 5 '09 at 20:23

I'm not sure if it is still actively being developed.

I've been using Trimpath quite extensively myself lately and I didn't miss any features. I sure hope it's still being developed but it's a great tool and really reduces development time.

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I've searched for junction on the web and as far as I can tell the project is dead.

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I'm a dev on Ejscript. The project not dead, just very focussed on embedded.

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