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How would I check if a form / page had validation on it?


 if ($('.uiModalContent > form') HAS VALIDATION) {
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A mild shot in the dark here but you could potentially check if

$(this).valid() == null //'this' is your form of course


jQuery.Validator == null //global though, not form specific

Why not just parse the content anyways?

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This is a bit hacky but you could count the number of validation rules in the validate object. Maybe something like this:

function HasValidation(selector){
    var propCount = 0;
    for(var prop in $(selector).validate().settings.rules){
    return propCount > 0;

and then in your if statement call:

HasValidation('.uiModalContent > form')

Just an idea...

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I came across this question while searching for the answer to it myself with little success. so i started playing with firebug and some forms and came up with:

    if ($('#myform').data('validator') != null) {

        console.log('has validator');
    else {
        console.log('no validator');
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