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I'll try and explain this as much and as easily as possible.

I have a Rails form, and 3 models. Models: DemoModule, SalesDemo, and SalesDemoModule

What I want to do in my view/form is create a new SalesDemo, but a SalesDemo has many SalesDemoModules.

In the controller I have:

@sales_demo = SalesDemo.new
@demo_modules = DemoModule.find(:all, :conditions => ['active = true'])

How can I, in my view, have a text field row for each DemoModule, which I can pass back to the controller action, to save into SalesDemoModule?

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You can specify that the SalesDemo accepts_nested_attributes_for SalesDemoModule, which then allows you to created a nested form (i.e. within a form_for a SalesDemo, you can have fields_for SalesDemoModule). Here's a simple example.

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Thanks for the info, however this only seems to work if I have 1 SalesDemoModule? What I have is 10 DemoModules, and in the view, I want to list them with a text field. In the test field for each module you enter a letter, if the text field has a value in it, I want to create a new SalesDemoModule record, with the sales_demo_id and demo_module_id so I can link them up later on? –  Andrew D Nov 18 '11 at 19:31
Check out this example for more details, including examples of 1 to many, including creating records:ryandaigle.com/articles/2009/2/1/… –  Jacob Mattison Nov 18 '11 at 20:26

Simply put:

<%= form_for @sales_demo do |sales_demo_form| %>
  <%= sales_demo_form.text_field "some_sales_demo_property" %>
  <%= sales_demo_form.fields_for @demo_modules do |modules| %>
    <%= modules.text_field "some_module_text_field" %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

In the SalesDemo, you will need to have

accepts_nested_attributes_for :demo_modules

You can get some more information here.

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