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What's the best way to model ordered lists of items with core data?

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There's a good discussion of one way to achieve this here: stackoverflow.com/q/1082137/105717 –  Dov Dec 15 '10 at 17:43

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As of OS X 10.6, there is no automatic way to maintain an ordered to-many relation in Core Data. You will have to add an "index" attribute to the target of the to-many relation and maintain this index manually or maintain a mapping from object ID to index in the entity that has the ordered to-many relationship. It's actually not that hard to implement the first of these options by overriding the KVC orderd to-many accessor and setter methods. You can also create a fetched property on the parent entity to make (read-only) access to the ordered list easier by adding a sort descriptor to the fetched property's fetch predicate.

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In the past I've used KVO in the parent entity to keep the order number up to date when object are added or removed. –  Marc Charbonneau May 4 '09 at 11:47

If you are targeting Lion or newer you can create ordered to-many relationships directly in the data modeler. Those use the NSOrderedSet class.

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