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In gradle, is there a way to reference external jars. I have some external jars, sitting in another folder outside the project structure. Is there a way to add a reference to these jars in my build.gradle file, so that they are picked up during the compilation process?



I modified mu build.gradle with an allprojects task having the following 'sub-tasks(?)' as follows:

   flatDir name:'ExternalJars',dirs:'<path to the jars>'
      compile: 'jarname:jarname:version'

This seems to make my build run just fine. Can someone shed some light on what exactly is happenning when I create the repository and specify the dependencies? - Thanks

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You can find quite detailed description of flatDir behaviour in the javadoc for FlatDirectoryArtifactRepository.

The basic idea is that it looks for jar files in the root directory(s) you specified in flatDir that match [artifact]-[version].[ext] pattern.

Note: artifact group is ignored (so you can specify them as :jarname:version), and also all artifacts assumed to have no transitive dependencies.

By the way, another way to reference local jars is to create a local ivy repository (See p.7.7 Usage of a local Ivy directory). You'll need to use this if you want to declare transitive dependencies.

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Thanks. Makes perfect sense – sc_ray Nov 21 '11 at 13:32

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