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I have added an attribute "color" the the User class, so when a user is registered I want a random color is assigned to this user.

How to do this smartly?

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Set it in the User class constructor.

You can find a good example of setting default values for a new user in the FOSUserBundle's User constructor.

One of the advantages of this approach is that you don't depend on a persistence layer events and it works without a persistence layer at all.

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I would add a lifecycle event in the User entity, a prePersist event.

Define in your user class the setRandomColor method, which set a color attribute of your User randomly.

Then, add it in your doctrine entity config as a prePersist event.

    prePersist: [ setRandomColor ]
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if you need your user color during a single session you can define an attribute for the user doing this:


and get that attribute with:


but, if you want to mantain the attribute as if it was an attribute in the user's table you can

  • (obviously) update your schema and add the field in the table

  • get the color using a hash function over the primary key of the user's table.

Good luck!

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