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I need to select the minimum of a set of dates across two tables and my SQL is so rusty that I can't think ...

I have a table with some business objects:

create table FOO (
  FOO_ID number(19, 0) not null,
  BAR varchar2(255),
  primary key (FOO_ID)

There are zero-or-many dates for this business object:

create table A_DATES (
  FOO_ID number(19, 0) not null,
  A_DATE date not null,
  primary key (FOO_ID , A_DATE)

And there is another set of zero-or-many dates for the same business object:

create table B_DATES (
  FOO_ID number(19, 0) not null,
  B_DATE date not null,
  primary key (FOO_ID , B_DATE)

The FOO table contains:

|1     |aaa     |
|2     |bbb     |
|3     |ccc     |

The A_DATES table contains:

|FOO_ID|A_DATE     |
|1     |01-Jan-2001|
|1     |01-Jan-2002|
|2     |01-Jan-2003|
|2     |01-Jan-2004|

The B_DATES table contains:

|FOO_ID|B_DATE     |
|1     |01-Jan-2003|
|1     |01-Jan-2004|
|2     |01-Jan-2001|
|2     |01-Jan-2002|

I have to write one select (so no temporary tables etc) that selects the minimum of either sets of dates, if any, for each FOO. The result set should look like this:

|1     |aaa     |01-Jan-2001|
|2     |bbb     |01-Jan-2001|
|3     |ccc     |<null>     |
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select f.FOO_ID, f.A_STRING, min(d.dt) as 'MY_DATE'
from FOO f
left join (
  select FOO_ID, min(A_DATE) as dt from A_DATES group by FOO_ID
  union select FOO_ID, min(B_DATE) as dt from B_DATES group by FOO_ID
) d
  on f.FOO_ID = d.FOO_ID
group by
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I needed to add a group-by to each half of the union, but otherwise, a good answer and quick –  Paul McKenzie Nov 18 '11 at 16:58
Sorry about that - added it in to the solution for completeness –  Derek Kromm Nov 18 '11 at 17:02

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