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I can get a list of instlled applications but how do I get the status using Jython?

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I dont think there is any direct method to get the application running status, You can get the object from the AdminControl using the following code

serverstatus = AdminControl.completeObjectName('type=Application,name='your_application_name',*')
print serverstatus

If serverstatus returns null, then the application is not running, if the application is running then the details of the applications would be printed.

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Worked a treat, thank you. –  blank Nov 21 '11 at 8:35

The following IBM documentation should help:

To summarize, if the application is running on an application server, an Application MBean will be registered. In order to determine if the application is running, you can query for the presence of these MBeans.

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Here is what I use based on Snehan's answer.

import string

def getAppStatus(appName):
    # If objectName is blank, then the application is not running.
    objectName = AdminControl.completeObjectName('type=Application,name=' + appName + ',*')
    if objectName == "":
        appStatus = 'Stopped'
        appStatus = 'Running'
    return appStatus

def appStatusInfo():
    appsString = AdminApp.list()
    appList = string.split(appsString, '\r\n')

    print '============================'
    print ' Status |    Application   '
    print '============================'

    # Print apps and their status
    for x in appList:
        print getAppStatus(x) + ' | ' + x

    print '============================'


Sample output

 Status |    Application
Running | DefaultApplication
Running | IBMUTC
Stopped | some-ear
Running | another-ear
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