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I have a Datagrid that has for instance 5 columns. The Datagrid is within a Grid that is not wide enough (ie that does not allow all the Datagrid columns to show, for instance 3 columns and a horizontal scrollbar).

I would like to be able to work out the size that the Datagrid would be in the situation that there IS enough space and hence no scrollbars. Its like the 'scrollable' area I suppose, ie the full extreme of the horizontal scrollbar.

This is so that I can add a gridsplitter to the grid (in the a second column to the right) that is restricted to go only to the width of the DataGrid and no more.

I hope this makes some sense, any thoughts greatly appreciated

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Using DataGrid.FrozenColumnCount property of DataGrid may help you to archive the desire behavior.

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Thanks for replying, and while this property is useful and I have learned something, I'm not sure it answers my problem of trying to calculate the DataGrids width if all columns were visible –  Ron Weston Nov 20 '11 at 20:29

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